The Treatment Network is a CARF accredited comprehensive behavioral
healthcare provider serving central North Carolina located in the city
of Greensboro. We strive to provide individuals and their families with
the skills and resources they need to live healthy, fulfilled lives within
their communities.

We offer a wide array of quality services and our dedicated staff is
committed to ensuring that every client has a positive experience. We
focus on fostering self-esteem and self-worth through stimulating
activities that promote emotional, physical, social and intellectual
growth and development. Each person is given the encouragement and
space to try new things, explore new ideas and develop their own

The Treatment Network believes that every person deserves a safe,
warm and caring environment in which to grow and develop to his or
her maximum potential.
In Case of an Emergency Dial 911
308-A Pomona Drive  Greensboro, NC 27407
Phone (336) 542-3190   Fax (336) 855-0466
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308-A Pomona Drive
Greensboro, NC 27407
(336) 542-3190
Fax: (336) 855-0466
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